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Coping With Teen Acne

Acne is one of the major problems teenagers face today. It causes changes in their facial appearance that ranges from quite mild to very severe, and can be hard to treat. In addition to these physical changes, it carries a host of psychological effects that can effect teenagers in many different ways. Social situations may also become difficult and unwelcome, and teens may 'shy' away from them because they are sensitive about their appearance. So what group ramifications does this condition bring? Hopefully my article will discuss some of those group aspects and what can be done to help teens understand and deal with the condition.

Many people who aren't afflicted by acne do not realize the difficulties connected with this condition, and often accuse their acne-affected friends of being overly sensative about the matter. In more recent years, however, the problems faced by those who are affected by acne are being much more widely addressed, and the group and subconscious effects being examined more deeply than ever. Acne is every bit as much regarding how you feel as it is about how you see yourself, or appear to others. In a society where so great an importance is placed on appearance and complying to the "average", higher ideals have been set relating to what people do and don't accept. For teenagers this is of crucial importance.

Many teens face pressures placed on them by their family and friends, and by what they feel they should be doing. Appearance plays a critical part in how others see them, and how they see themselves. Recently, when asked, teenagers afflicted with acne said they feel grotesque and sometimes despondent.

These feelings can transfer over into adult acne, and aren't normally gender-specific. It has been said that there is no other condition that causes more strain between a parent and their child, more general feelings of insecurity, and feelings of inferiority. Understanding the psychological effects associated with acne has become more important, in particular in teenagers where self-esteem is stil being developed. It is hard, however, to see a conclusive way in which to reflect on these factors because of the variations in how acne is caused, its severity, and because it can be difficult to separate the effects of acne with other social dramas many teenagers face.

It is suggested that the ideal way to recognize these effects is just to listen. Find out how your teen is coping with her or his acne and how it makes them feel. Let them understand that they certainly aren't abandoned. Acne is a very common condition among teenagers and adults, and can be caused from a great many things that effect a great many people. Its also beneficial to make it known to them that suffering from acne does not mean they are seen as being unclean or having poor self-hygiene.

Bad self-hygiene does not cause acne directly, and acne isn't caused from not washing your face. Help discover what is causing the acne. When you know its source, and what type it is, you can start treating it.

This is the first step to feeling more confident about your looks, and, in turn, about yourself.

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