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Diabetes Glucose Monitoring A Breakthrough On The Horizon

With nearly 25 million people in the United States having diabetes, it is a serious health concern. One of the requirements of having diabetes is the need to keep track of your blood glucose level. Regardless if you suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, or Gestational Diabetes, you will have to monitor your blood glucose level on a consistent basis. Of course, the only way of doing this up until now has been to stick your finger with a needle and put some blood on a blood glucose meter.

Well, change is on the horizon. A new way of monitoring blood glucose levels is about to be made available. This new glucose monitor will be able to give you a reading whenever you want it, without having the need for finger sticks. The glucose monitor will work well for Type 1, or Type 2 Diabetics. It works by placing a very small wire under the skin on the abdomen. It is a painless procedure.

The wire provides blood glucose readings from the body's cell fluid. A patch is worn over the top of the wire. It not only helps to protect it, but it will send the blood glucose information to a small receiver, about the size of a cellular phone. The patch is fine to keep on for up to a week.

After that, you can simply discard it and replace it with a new one. The benefits to the diabetic are enormous. No more finger sticks and needles.

Since the new blood glucose monitor provides information on a constant basis, you'll always know what your blood glucose level is. You have more control and can make changes immediately. This new blood glucose monitor is being put together with a new insulin pump. Insulin pumps are nothing new per se', but how this one will work is a little unique. The theory behind the technology is to be able to control blood glucose levels for several days at a time.

The user can actually program the insulin pump monitor with upcoming meals and/or exercise routines. The pump will take that information and automatically program the exact amount of insulin required based on the information given. Technology is constantly changing around us. What was once only a dream for diabetics is now becoming a reality. In the not too distant future, needles and finger sticks will be outdated and unnecessary. Advancements in blood glucose monitoring are on the horizon.

You can find out more about Blood Glucose Monitors as well as much more information on diabetes issues at http://www.diabetes.infofroma-z.com

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