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Dirty Secret To How To Get Abs Without Gym

In order to make the best weight loss or fitness decision for you, several factors needed to be considered. Some factors are time, fitness equipment accessibility and other responsibilities that you may have. I called this a dirty secret to how to get abs because I am about to uncover a method for you to get abs which I don't normally advice. For me the ultimate method to get a six-pack abs is to workout with weights, do your cardiovascular training religiously and then go for a well-controlled diet that focuses on moderation. Now, I am about to tell you how to get abs without weight training. But my advice is to use this is you really have no choice and if conditions do not permit you to gain access to the gym.

We start of with a diet plan that is focused in getting your water out of your system out real fast. Maybe some of you have guessed it, go very low carb. I am talking about eating only vegetables for your carbohydrates and then the rest of the calories come from protein and fats.

The reason behind this is that we all have abs; we just need to get the layer of water and fat off. So, your focuses are on the first 6 days of the week of pure dieting and then have a cheat day. I love cheat days because it gives us a mental break.

For the six days, you would only consume only vegetables like broccoli, cabbages, tomatoes, eggplant and all sorts of leafy vegetables. The greener the vegetable the better it is because it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. You can go all out on the vegetables.

You can also eat a variety of nuts for your fat intake. Eat a variety of meat like chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Consume lots of egg whites too.

I would try to stay away from fatty meats because I am still concern of the cumulative side effect it will have on my heart. I would prefer to consume my protein from egg white because it is low fat, cheap and easy to prepare. I also love to eat sashimi because fish is very healthy and full with omega-3.

Spread your meals evenly throughout the day and have many small meals. This is because you will feel hungry very easily with the absence of carbohydrates. Try to make your meals less gravy because gravy and sauces contains lots of sodium and oil. This will cause water retention, which I do not want. If you really want to get your weight down fast, go for soup.

Soup can satisfy your hunger better. Not only that, if your soup is taken hot, you tend to eat slowly and this makes you feel full by the time you finish your soup. Avoid breaded meat as much as you can and stay alert for hidden carbs in foods that you buy outside. Limit your fruit intake to only one serving a day. One apple is considered one serving.

Stay away from blackcurrant, grapes, mangoes and pineapple. They are very sweet. Now, when you are on this kind of eating plan for 6 days, you will lose water weight fast. To make your abs show faster, do your cardio in the morning for at least 5 times a week on an empty stomach.

Do not expect to run fast or at your normal intensity. This because of the absence of carbs you will feel tired and lethargic. Just go on low intensity like 75 percent of your max heart rate and run only about 30 minutes. Now, after your run, do your ab training.

Do 4 exercises focusing 1 exercise on your upper abs, one for your lower abs and one for you core. For each exercise, do 3 sets and about 30 reps each set. For starters do crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches and plank. For your plank exercise, do about 1 minute and really squeeze your abs. There you go, this my dirty secret to how get abs without gym when I was college where sometimes I do not have access to go to gym and have to prepare for a contest or modeling show. Please ask advice from your doctor before trying it if you have any medical issues.

Do not try to use this technique for long term, for about 1 month is ok. It will hit plateau because you still need weight training to increase your metabolism. In order to make your weight loss long term and get maximum results. You need to get yourself a weight loss system that works for you.

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