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How To Choose Pilates Classes

When we talk about choosing Pilates Classes there are generally 6 different kind of classes to choose between:

1. Group mat classes
2. Group reformer class
3. Individual(a) Sessions

Sessions for Two to Four students
5. Pilates for particular conditions
6. Pilates for pregnant woman

Group mat classes

This is great for beginners.

This will increase the excitement since the classes will be conducted in groups. This is a social way to practice Pilates. The teacher will teach some standing, sitting and lying down work outs which are gentle to follow.

He will help the students to get mind-body fitness. In fact group mat Pilate Classes will be interpreted for 10 to 15 students by a teacher. This number is comfortable manageable by a single instructor. However if you feel uncomfortable in a group mat class, the trainer will help you to practice individually.

Group reformer class

It is another type of Pilate class. With the advent of less costly Pilate reformer, trainers are teaching Pilate work outs with the help of it. It is more supportive for the user. Adjustable ropes, springs, pulleys etc are used in this class. An efficient class will contain Six to Twelve students.

Individual(a) Sessions

This is an effective way of acquiring personal instruction in Pilates.

Since only one student will be there, the trainer can give exclusive attention to him. This will help to get maximal benefits. This session will begin with light warm ups followed by heavy work outs with the help of Pilates equipments.

Though the individual(a) sessions will be expensive, it will surely offer optimal results. Some firms will offer some introductory package for Pilate classes in individual(a) session. You can also make use of them.

The student will get clear understanding of Pilate exercises in this method.

Sessions for Two to Four students
This session is appropriate for those who feel uncomfortable to learn in groups. This is however economical than Private session. The trainer will have lot of time to concentrate on the students.

Hence the mistakes can be easily rectified. A good instructor will also make some modifications to suit the 2 to 4 students.

Pilates for particular conditions

Pilates is a system of medical treatment also. IT can be used in rehabilitation also.

Therefore such special conditions can be treated separately. The Pilate classes for rehabilitation will be conducted by the trained professionals. The teacher can design the program that will suit the special needs.

Pilates for pregnant woman

Pilates is safe for pregnant woman also. It is the best form of exercises suitable for a pregnant woman. It will help to strengthen the core and body flexibility.

These work outs never require any stress and will not produce more sweats. These exercises will help to get back your correct shape after delivery. This will also avoid the chance of injury during pregnancy.

This will help in supplying necessary nutrients and energy to the unborn baby. The breathing techniques used here will help in proper breathing. It will surely cut down your stress. In fact these are safe and efficient exercises which can be practiced by pregnant woman without any fear.


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