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Everyone will experience pain at some point in their lives. Pain is a necessary form of protection against injuries, diseases, or conditions that would otherwise impair or even kill us. Pain alerts us that something is wrong. Pain can be either 'acute' or 'chronic' - the distinguishing characteristic between the two is their duration. ...[Read more]

How to live longer by eating the right foods

When you begin aging you have continue to eat the right foods in order to remain healthy. If you do not have the right sort of diet, your body does not get the right nutritional balance it needs to stay healthy as you grow older.Your body uses food that helps it make energy, making it run properly. Too much food will not help your body and not enough of the right foods can lead to health problems.

Which foods should you be eating: Not all foods is good for you. For example liver is loaded with iron which is good for your blood, but too much liver isn't really that good for you. Fruits and vegetables are good for you but again don't over do things because the fruits and to some extent vegetables will turn into sugars and that's not so good for your weight.

You can if you're not careful end up increasing your cholesterol levels as well from certain foods. High cholesterol can lead to hardened arteries, which can ultimately result in strokes or heart attacks. Is there any way of knowing if I am eating right? On visiting a doctor he will quickly be able to access if you are over or under weight and need to be on a diet of some kind. He will weigh you and decide if you need to shed a few pounds or in some cases gain a few pounds. He will offer diet advice and help you plan what you should and should not be eating. If you are over weight he will also recommend a reduction in your intake and suggest a exercise regimen.

To stay healthy eat a balanced diet recommended by your doctor or dietician. Don't be tempted to eat more than they have recommended and do your best to stick to their suggested exercise plan. If you are unsure of anything at all you should ask again for advice as to exactly what you should be doing. You'll find support groups in every town. Ask your doctor or the local hospital to point you in the right direction. Once you find a group you'll find people who can offer you support and advice this will help keep you going in the right direction when things get hard.

Don't try and do too much to quickly you'll find you can always revise your plans in the future. Set targets you can expect to achieve with a bit of effort. Don't make it easy but don't aim to high either. It takes a lot of will power, grit and determination but you can do it if you really try.

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