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Indoor Cycling And Spinning Classes The Pros And Cons

If you're a fan of spinning classes and indoor cycling, you no doubt appreciate the benefits of this non impact workout. Indoor cycling is an excellent cardiovascular workout that you can adapt to your fitness level. Further, these classes focus on eliminating stress via a fun, challenging environment. And yet, indoor cycling is not for everyone. Just like any exercise program, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Let's take a more in depth look at indoor cycling and examine the pros and cons of adding it to your workout regimen. The other adjustment is cycling for a standard time period with varying degrees of intensity. Most casual outdoor riders can stop and start, while an indoor cycling class is continual motion. Most classes last an hour and are interactive. Before you commit to a class, be aware that it's pretty non stop, although you can adjust and adapt according to your fitness level.

Advantages 1. Almost anyone can benefit from indoor cycling. No matter your age or fitness level, you'll fit in and you can adapt the workout as you see fit. 2. Since spinning classes are non impact, they're very appealing to those wishing to minimize stress and strain on their joints.

3. You'll burn a lot of calories. Most one hour spinning classes will help you burn 500 calories on average.

4. Indoor cycling works a variety of muscle groups, including your calves, hamstrings, hips, abs, and quadriceps. 5. There tends to be less intimidation factor with spinning classes vs.

other group exercise classes. Most spinning classes are mixed gender, and the learning curve is short. Disadvantage 1.

Many new participants complain of a sore pelvic bone and/or chafing. This may require the purchase of a gel seat and padded bike shorts. 2. While indoor cycling is an effective cardiovascular workout, there is very little use of your upper body. 3. Depending upon the policies at your workout facility, you may be faced with an extra cost to participate in a spinning class.

4. If the class is popular, you may need to arrive well in advance to ensure you'll have a bike for your use. 5. Instructors come and go, and their expertise varies.

Also, since spinning classes are set to music, the soundtrack may or may not appeal to your musical tastes. Indoor cycling is an excellent workout, but it should comprise only one part of your overall regimen. We recommend a yoga or bosu ball session after completing a spinning class. These classes offer you a chance to stretch and maintain your flexibility. Also, consider adding strength training classes or sessions before a spin class. Doing so will ensure you've accomplished a total body workout.

Jim Hofman is an author and cycling enthusiast who developed a new online resource site for those wanting to learn more about indoor and outdoor cycling. Want more tips and recommendations? Be sure to visit Jim's website for the very latest on indoor cycling and spinning classes.

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