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Wake Up - Chill Out - Sleep Fit ! 
    by Nicky Pilkington

Maybe it's time to reconsider how you "live" each day. Here are a few pointers to help you along the way...

Wake Up:

Energize the start of your day with a massage in the shower.

For those who start their day with the ritual of a morning massage under the shower, there is a more than likely chance of seeing it through with a spring in their step and a healthier future.

The massage should start at the feet and be worked upwards. A coarse shower glove should be used and the massage carried out in strong circular movements from the feet to the calves and then upwards to the thighs. Hips, buttocks, and the stomach area are to be massaged with large, sweeping, circular movements. To finish, go from the middle of the stomach towards the chest area. Less pressure should be applied when massaging the breasts and cleavage. The effect of the self inflicted massage can be reinforced by finally running cold water over the skin!

Chill Out:

The rest of the day can be used in search of Buddha.

Relaxation strengthens the immune system and promotes self healing forces. Noise, a hectic lifestyle, and a constant, incessant flood of irritations are grounds enough to make some people ill. Indulging in Buddhist Meditation can ease stress related problems and reinforce the will in the fight to regain strength.

In nerve racking situations, stress hormones such as Adrenalin are released into the system. When high quantities of these hormones are found such as in the case of highly nervous people, there is a risk of weakening the immune system which can lead to illness.

With Buddhist meditation techniques, the balance between tension and relaxation can be once again achieved. In the meditative state, all outside distractions are shut out, and only the moment and the consciousness of the inner self have any meaning.

The practice of concentrating on one's own rhythm of breathing can be very calming. Try relaxing each and every individual part of your body, from the hair on your head, to the tips of your toes. Mentally visit each region in turn, imagining a warm flow circulating through each body part and washing away all traces of stress and strain. The self healing forces are stimulated by concentrating on every part of the body. This also has a positive effect on the immune system because the flow of stress hormones is diminished.

The goal in meditation is to find a new level of awareness of your body. This can help even the most chronically ill to understand and master their suffering.

Meditation can be practiced almost anywhere, even on the bus! For beginners however, it's better to find a place where there's less chance of being disturbed. This could be at home or out in the open air. Small peaceful islands could be, for example, a soothing bath, or in the bedroom, or jump into the car and find some remote parking place. A secluded spot in the fresh country air is ideal to practice meditation.

A few minutes stolen from the hustle-bustle can work wonders for the day!

Sleep Fit:

Why jog around like a melting ice-cream on legs in the tropics of the local park, only to have some old age pensioner put you to shame by keeping pace with you on her Sunday morning stroll? Or run the risk of fractured limbs and scuffed knees and elbows whilst skating your way over bunkered, sagging sidewalks, on overpriced set of roller-blades!

There are easier ways to lose the same few pounds, not to mention the savings to be made in effort and finances. A different alternative to exercise is getting some high quality "SLEEP."

Just one hour after falling asleep, the body increases the production of growth hormones. This supports the processes of muscle building, skin cell repair, and helps control the production of body fat tissue.

So, maybe now is the time to wake up - chill out and sleep fit!!

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