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Why Choose A Hurricane Fun Deck Boat

When it comes to a deck boat, Hurricane has been unsurpassed for the last thirty years. Hurricane is the best choice when it comes to selection, versatility and innovation. Whether you want to fish, ski or just enjoy the water; a Hurricane deck boat will be able to accommodate you. Hurricane deck boats come with fishing features, a lot of storage and excellent floor plans.

Consider a few of the reasons why a Hurricane Fun Deck boat is the right option for your boating needs. First, Hurricane deck boats use a Category 5 hull. This means the hull is the same width in the bow as it is the stern, which gives you more room and better comfort. The draft is shallow so you can get greater performance in shallow water and there is even a small wake for those who want to ski, tube or do other water sports. Within three seconds you can achieve plane performance and never loose sight of the horizon as the boat driver. The sponsors and wide body of the design allow you to have a stable and safe platform for fishing or walking around the boat.

Second, the Hurricane Fun Deck boat is extremely versatile and can be outfitted to meet any specific needs. For fishing they provide a spacious design so you have room to move around. Specific fishing features on the Hurricane Fun Deck boat include fishing chairs, extra battery room, a fish finder, a live well, rod holders, a fish platform, tackle drawers and a trolling motor plug. If water sports is more your thing then the Category Five hull of a Hurricane Fun Deck boat gives you excellent performance in shallow water while giving you plenty of room for guests. Specific skiing additions include a boarding ladder, changing room, in floor storage, ski tow bar/eye, ski tow rope storage, swim platform, wakeboard tower. Or for those who just want to view the site there is plenty of storage room for entertainment or living purposes.

Some specific cruising features include anchor storage, a changing room with bathroom, a convertible canopy, a cooler and cupholders. Third, Hurricane offers the latest in technology and the best reliability when it comes to electrical systems. Their NextWave electrical system is the best there is for deck boats. The unique system uses a heavy-duty dual ten gauge wiring system with individual circuits running from the battery to the helm station. This means you have an organized wiring system while protecting your wires from chafing. The circuit breakers come with a unique push button that reset when tripped.

Lastly, Hurricane Fun Deck boats are held to high safety standards. They are five times safer than non-certified boats. They feature fog resistant gauges so the driver can navigate easily in any weather conditions. Docking and navigation is easy after dark with special docking lights. A fire port allows you to put out an engine fire without opening the lid.

No matter what your boating needs, a Hurricane Fun Deck boat can match it. So next time you want to have some fun on the water consider a Hurricane Fun Deck boat.

Robert Thomas is a recreational boater and is always happy to share his secrets with his readers. You can find information on boating items like the Towable Tubes or Boating Tubes and the Fiesta Private Island at Premium Power Sports helping and supporting the boating community.

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